It's been a long time coming... and it's just as addictive as the original

User Rating: 10 | Torchlight II PC
Many wondered if the extra wait for Torchlight 2 was going to worth it, and I'm glad to say the answer is a resounding "YES". The game gives you everything you expect from a sequel to one of the best games ever – an very expanded world with so much to explore and discover, more enemies to slay, many different kinds of armor and weapons, more classes using both genders, more types of pets, and a strong cohesive storyline. The graphics are better than the first game as well, and though some make not really care for it, I see it as one of the major strengths of the game. My one minor complaint is that you cannot combine ember to level it up, but that's not a big deal. As a fan of the first game and the Diablo series, I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to hack and slash their way to victory!