What Diablo 3 should have been

User Rating: 10 | Torchlight II PC
There is no need to write a review; but simply to say that this will be that $20 which you will not regret spending. Cheers ! If you compare the content, the game mechanics, the fun factor all for the price of 1/3 of a regular game you will be amazed at what you receive. As well, the class system has been give a new fresh twist that it needed to divide that classic warrior/mage/rogue and stand apart from many other games. If you are not convinced YouTube is always handy. However, the art style might not appeal to some people...I should say that, but that is preference, and a reflection of choice. The re playability of this game is also immense, as there is a tremendous amount of gear, and starting a New Game + knowing there is much more to unlock Character Building/Skill/Gear wise keeps you coming back for more. So Cheers, and hope you guys have fun !