The true successor of Diablo 2: LoD

User Rating: 10 | Torchlight II PC
Everything that is lacking in Diablo 3 as a game play and continuity is here! The vibe you get from just simply starting the game for the first time is incomparable with any other game released recently. Right from the first few mobs that you encounter as soon as you enter the world of Torchlight you get an uncompromising, brutal, and absolutely entangling doze of old school hack'n'slash ARPG. The scent of Diablo 2 just reeks out of Torchlight 2! And it feels awesome! You don't have to wait endlessly for the next patch to introduce some coll new feature that should have been included from day one. That repetitive and unrewarding feeling you get playing endless hours in Diablo 3 are not present here. There is nothing flashy or over the top. There is just non-stop fun all the way! Oh and one more thing - the creativity put up into the monsters and the dungeons is outstanding! The graphics might not be as shiny and glossy as other games released at this point of time - but God - there are some hilarious levels to explore! Highly recommended to every old school gamer.