Make your STASH and BAGS bigger !

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Stash & Bag Mod - something u really need

Lads sharing here with you 2 stash mods i think you would find helpful. before i use to make extra level 1 characters just to handle/transfer/store all items i find using my actual game character. a real grievance, but now i just use this.

see image:

-this mod will affect your bag (the storage you carry with your character), your pet bag (the storage your pet carries), and your local stash.

- what it does is add extra bags.
* 10 bags for your character (10 bags for equipment, 10 bags for potions, 10 bags for spells)
* 10 bags for your pet (10 bags for equipment, 10 bags for potions, 10 bags for spells)
* 20 bags for your local stash (! not shared stash)

since there are 32 slots for each character and pet bag; 40 slots for stash:
* you basically can carry 10x32= 320 items for each of Equipment, Potion, Spells
* your pet can carry 10x32 = 320 items for each of Equipment, Potion, Spells
* and your local stash can now store 20x40=800 items

the movement between each bag is done via a left/right arrow tab

there is one limitation: if you go open your local stash, the "pet stash" will only display the 1st bag. the pet stash (left/right arrows) will only show if you open your character only, not via opening your stash or traading with a merchant.

in this regard i usually just use the 1st/original bag of the pet and just teleport to town then stash all items i need to stash. extra pet bags are useless unless anyway you never want to go to town during gameplay.

see image:

- this mode will only affect your SHARED STASH. the reason why i partnered it with the extraslots mod since that mod has no shared stash enhancement

- what it does is make your shared stash have 1000 slots.

and so now it becomes useful to store all those not so useful items for your character (say you play engineer, and you find armor for mage) so you can use it to your other character as you traverse from level 1 to level 100 without dumping stuff as you shared stuff is full. that's basically the help/advantage this mod does.

how to install:

1. close your TL2
2. copy all the files (included in the zip file) and place them in your pak folder, which is usually located here: \\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight II\PAKS ; done!
3. Open TL2
4. And there you have it ready and prepared for santa claus gifts.

Download the 2 mods here:

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why thank you for this
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When i activated this mod, when i would put things in my shared stash they would just jump into the window and then wouldn't be there when i opened the stash....any ideas? There were no arrow on the bottom of the window to change anything like tabs....any ideas?