Gives Xbox a great reputation for tennis games. A wonderful and addicting game that keeps you playong on.

User Rating: 9.5 | Top Spin XBOX
When I first bought this game I thought that since it would be just tennis then it wouldn't be that fun. But Top Spin is different, you can make a career, play online and even create your own character.

The graphics were very good and made the game look just like a real tennis game. I was The gameplay was also very good with the range of different shots. Risk shots were very usefull and made the game more realistic again.

The range of characters could be expanded a little bit but that doesn't ruin the game.

The only bad thing for me was that when I began to play the game more often I would win every career match in straight sets. I'm not sure if the game needs to be harder or if I was just playing too much and becoming addicted.

Because I didn't have an internet connection on my xbox i could not access the online feature but I've been told it's great.

Top Spin would have to be the original Xbox's best tennis game (I think it's the only one aswell).