Top spin loses it's edge on playstation 2

User Rating: 7.5 | Top Spin PS2
Top spin tennis on xbox was fantastic. I only ever got to play a demo but instantly I was sold. Top spin on ps2 was just a dream for me but when it was announced I was ecstatic. When it came out I was so glad that I finally had it. However once I played it, I wasn't exactly dissapointed but I knew it was missing something.

Top spin still has all the same modes it had on xbox. A lengthy career mode, single tournaments and matches, multiplayer, online but it lacks the spark that the xbox version had and it simply isn't as fun. Don't get me wrong, that's not to say it isn't fun but it should havebeen better. There could be several reasons for why it wasn't as fun but i've never been able to pinpoint it exactly. For one the graphics are a step down an when you use the eyetoy to scan your face into the game it looks disgusting and nothing like it should. The most probable reason though is the controls. They feel somewhat sluggish despite being nearly enough the same as the xbox version. Your player doesn't react fast enough and this doesn't make you lose the point either because the ball seems to travel rather slow as well unless you hit a power shot. To finish off the bad points, loading times are atrocious. It can take over a minute to load a 30 second training drill and then another minute after you've finished to get back to the map screen in career mode. It even takes forever just to load up the pause menu and change what your highlighting on it. Right that's enough on the bad points, now onto the good.

Career mode is full of depth and offers plenty of replay value and creating and customising your own player is fun in a way. Especially when you give them bright green socks and a bright orange top. In career mode you must rise from the number 100 ranked tennis player to the number 1 ranked tennis player in the world. It's not easy and will take a good amount of time. You do this by entering in tournaments of different levels such as semi pros, pros, majors, grand slams. In career you can also customise your player and complete training drills with coaches. It is imperative that you complete the training drills otherwise you won't be good enough to beat the higher players. They can be annoying but at least it's realistic. One other thing you can do in career is get sponsored. All the possible sponsors are real companies and you must complete a challenge to be sponsored by them. Each companies challenge is to win an exhibition match. Once you sponsorec they'l gradually ask you to do more and more difficult challenges such as TV commercials. You can change sponsor at any time. Career mode isgreat because it covers the entire world and the tournaments are all realistic. One drawback is that every single tournament is an eight player tournament which is far to small.

Multiplayer is fun and so is single tournament but the bulk of the game is definitely the career mode. The game also features eight real life men s proffesional tennis players including Roger Federer and eight real life womens proffesional tennis players including Maria Sharapova. Online is probaly fun but I never got my ps2 online so I wouldn't know.

In conclusion Top spin is a fun game but it suffers from too many problems to be essential. Tennis fans with both an xbox and a ps2 should go with the xbox version but if you only have a ps2 then Top spin is definitely worth a purchase for tennis fans or sports fans in general.