Can you spin? Or will you miss? Yeah!

User Rating: 8.5 | Top Spin XBOX
Top Spin was one of the most best sport on xbox. 3D virtual game that made it exciting to play. Creating your own player to start on the road of championship. If u think you seen it all in madden you have not seen Top Spin. Its not better than madden, but it follows its way as madden plus extra. Training mode, buying clothes and sports good, and make contract with a partner. Partner switching during games is doable so you can control your other player. Training is hard but games get harder on every level. With every game you win you earn a strong skill in any position. It is a on and on playing in different country speaking the language of the country. Ranking your player buy wins and skills you have. Loading the game took long. I am guessing thats the only minor problem the game had. Woman also plays in tournament and and could be dressed, upgraded, and all the other stuff you can do with male tennis player.