If you have enough time on your hands Top Spin is a title that you can really sink your teeth into

User Rating: 9.1 | Top Spin XBOX
When i first played the demo out of OXM (offical x-box magazine) is was stoked because besides MArio Tennis this is really one of the only tennis games out there. Well now that i've played the real version, im still stoked but not as stoked as before. Im a tennis fan, and i play tennis, but i have never really been interested in watching tennis, i find it quite boring. Thats what most of this game is, not boring, but like watching a what appears to be an endless match. This is a game for the people with time on there hands and can put in a solid hour hitting a ball back and forth in a tourney. This is a great game if you have the time to sit down and play the game. This a perfect game to get in the summer when you have time to just sit down and play. You will spend tons of time getting your guy ready to go have some fun on xbox live and beat them all. My only real big complaint is why arent there more pros in this game? THis game is the best tennis game thats ever been made.