User Rating: 9.3 | Top Spin XBOX
Quick and simple! The graphics are awesome even though Pete Sampras looks funny. The sounds is what you expect in a tennis game. Gameplay is great, I love the how you have to time the hit as soon as it crosses the net. So if you hit the button on time, you'll see a nice hit. If you hit it late, you'll see a weak, shor, dink shot that might result in a point for the opponent. Value is great, why should you get bored, it's Tennis. Play the career, or play the exhibition, doesnt really matter. Before you now it, it's the following year and the next version of Top Spin is out. Bottom Line, I love this game and it's the best Tennis game ever. I still love Sega Tennis on the dreamcast and I still have it. But top spin is a more modern and new in gameplay. 9.3 is the ideal score for Top Spin.