User Rating: 9 | Top Spin XBOX
I bought this game because I wanted something different than ESPN Football or SSX3. Well, I certainly found it. Top Spin has an overall solid feel that will make you want to keep playing. The graphics and sound effects are incredible. The physics and body movements/animation are SPOT-ON. Unbeleivable animations. Have I mentioned the animations are nice? With 5.1 DD sound, you really feel like you are playing in a stadium. From the echo when you bounce the ball to the announcer's voice resonating throughout the stadium. Also, the croud dynamically reacts to how the players perform and act. This is great for taunting...which is a nice feature, but it gets boring after a few times. The gameplay is fast but easy to catch on to. I did not get frustrated while learning the game - then again, it wasn't overly easy. I've found that it is easy to be an average player in Top Spin, but tough to be an excellent player. This is due to the precision timing needed to succeed with the "risk shots" and other more advanced aiming/power techniques. To conclude this disorganized review - go buy it. What a great game and a big breath of fresh air.