User Rating: 8.8 | Top Spin XBOX
The first 3 reviewers of this game all made great valid points. However, I feel these little annoyances needed to be added into what kept Top Spin from being the overall perfect Tennis game. 1) Load times shouldn't have to be this long. 2) The coaching trials are lame compared to Virtual Tennis (VT). In addition, there should be a "practice run" in these tests- like in VT. 3) Lack of superstar players like the William's sisters, Roddick, and many others. The tournaments too, are fictional. 4) The "trigger" buttons are alittle too tough to execute. So much so that sometimes I asks myself while playing, "why bother?" 5) The "save" option is lacking... one of these particular trials, the "overhead slam" from the "Volly" coach, is quite confusing. Well, since there's no save option in the career mode and no "practice run" for the trials, I've already dropped $60,000 and counting! Why? 6) Although already stressed by one of the first 3 reviewers, I must repeat this one flaw! NO MP3 soundtrack support!! WTH???!!! Ahem, that's about it for an otherwise great title. Be sure to check out the other reviews by johndabomb, OvK, and snakeEyes81. I agree with their criticisms on the good/bad aspects about Top Spin. All I did was add what I felt was missing.