User Rating: 8.8 | Top Spin XBOX
I've played other tennis games, this game is by far the best I've seen. Here's my opinion on what they got wrong: - Tournaments - Why haven't I figured out how to put a tournament on hold? Surely they've figured out by now that it sucks when it's 2am, you have to go to bed to get to work tomorrow, you're half way through a tournament, but can't quit or your ranking will go down?!?! Just add a save button next time!! - Player creator - It's great mainly because there's nothing to compare it to in any tennis game I've played, but I feel they could've added more options for facial molding. There's no mouth width setting, no eye depth setting, no eye width setting, etc. I couldn't create myself 100%, i'd say it's about 60% accurate. Still great fun creating a character tho! (I'm probably sounding negative because this is the only tennis game that comes close to perfection, and I want perfection next time :-) - Where's mixed doubles!?!? So far I've seen no sign of mixed doubles in this game. This is sad considering the doubtless thousands of married couples (like my wife and me) sitting down to play this game and expecting to be able to quickly start up an exhibition mixed doubles match, or maybe go online as a mixed doubles team. Can someone explain why!?!? I'm making my tilt a 7 because this is a HUGE oversight. - Tutorial - The "tennis school" seems to consist of some short video, that's it! I don't see a way to get into a real on-court mode where I can hit the ball over and over for practicing things like risk shots Things they got right: All the important stuff basically. specifically: - Gameplay - In-game, which is where it counts, the tennis action is pretty much perfection in my opinion, considering the way they implemented the various types of shots. The risk shot is taking some practice, which is the way it should be. - Graphics - These people look real. I've heard complaints about the graphics in the zoomed-out view, but I feel this is where the game approaches photo-realism. - Sound - Although it was kind of erie to hear no music at any point after the menus, I got used to this. Overall, the sound is just great. - Online - Perfection so far, I've played only a few matches but have experiences no lag whatsoever. Not much else to say except that if you're a tennis fan do yourself a favor and get this game! It's as close to real-world tennis in video game form as you can get. To married tennis fans: Unfortunately one of you will have to go cross-gender to play together.