flawless in everyway,,..Unique,,gem;)

User Rating: 10 | Top Spin XBOX
when i first saw

top spin 1 i want sure if it was going to hold,,stand out or even be fun,,

turns out it was a pleasant experience;) and good fumn;)

u could play your way to the top here,,be the best tennis player in the world,,

while being your guidance to top ranks;)

it had everything i wanted,,

good selcetion,,screen,,good slection of char,,

good modes and menues,,training mode,,tutorial,,great arenas,,

great options menues,,great arcade,,play on your own,,just like fifa,,

great visuals,,and sound,,top notch graphics,,,disturbingly alike,,real tennis players,,

2player with beer fun;),,and instant classic,,right away,,with cola,,

game has just right amount mix of everything,,good fun,,

clean fun,,it was,,excelente;) ,,,better than virtua teniis;)