Not that bad, but not that good either.

User Rating: 8.3 | Top Spin PS2
This game is a regular tennis game, and that's all there is to say. The only thing (in my case) you could expect, is more details on the graphics, more custom options and a longer career mode. That's about it.

The shots are also pretty well done, the fore and backhands. You also have the ever reliable loop shot and the always deadly slicer. There's also a "special shot", which serves good when serving, but during the game is kinda hard to actually make it work inbound. Everytime i tried that "special shot", from 6 tries in a set, i win the point only like once or twice. You really must get the hang of that , cause it always handy. But like real tennis, you must practice over and over again... and with patience this shot will be an awesome weapon at your disposal.

The only like REAL BAD for the game, the LOAD time. Damm, you can open the door, help your wife with the bags, go and take a piss, wash you hands, catch a quick glympse of whats going down on T.V. and then check on the game, and it will still be loading. The load times are as painful as a figure 4 leg lock, yet you wonder why?...i mean, there's no "over the top" graphics on this game, so how come this takes so darn long??

Besides that, it's just a GOOD tennis game...which equals a buy, if you're a tennis fan OR don't have virtua tennis anywhere near you. You don't fall on either option??? then look at this game like a possible rental or simply swing away...cuz the load times will ace you.