Top Spin 4 offers players a good challenge with a solid career mode.

User Rating: 9 | Top Spin 4 X360
Top Spin 4 is the first tennis game I've owned, and it has no disappointed. It offers a good challenge for players of any skill. Having the option to use the sticks for an advanced serve also adds to the realism of the game. The controls can sometimes be a bit awkward when running your player around the court, and the ball placement is not 100% accurate every time, but they are manageable considering all the game offers.

The career mode is well done, and as with most sports games, allows you to create yourself (or anyone else) and play up the ranks from a beginner to the big time. The customization for your character is nicely done, though I do think they could add more to it as far as clothing options and equipment.

Bottom line, it's a great tennis game that is well worth the money and has a wonderful level of customization and challenge.