Top Spin 3 (Disappointing fans on the DS). The game is very repetitive and you get bored after just playing a match or 2

User Rating: 5 | Top Spin 3 DS
Played this game on the DSi. Its a very boring game that is a bad name to the series. Although the Top Spin games are quite fun on the PSP handheld system, The games graphics are O.K. The game-play is also very drab. There is no INTENSE TENNIS GAME factor. In short...... get RAFA NADAL tennis if you want a tennis game. At least with that you get the thrill factor of tennis.

It has some mini games which at first look interesting but then become very frustrating. To levelup in the game (improving your stats) you despretly need to win some matches and all those matches are with people 10 times better than you. So the game cannot be called easy.

Although there are some good points to hte game too, but they are far exeeded by the negative points.
Tennis games are fun only if they are fastpaced to some extent. This is not the game for you if you want excitement with precise controls.