This game has SOOOO many built in CHEATS its ridiculous not a good or fair experience will never play 2K games again!

User Rating: 1 | Top Spin 3 PS3
If you play as one of the top 3 ranked players it is a better experience but if you play as one of the lesser players and get close to winning it cheats you out of it by stalling your player and by not swinging the racket regardless of how much you press the buttons. For a game that has two basic moves , run and swing the bleeping racket it fails soo much especially to cheat you out of the game or match. Games should be a challenge but an outright cheat is so lame.

Not too mention that if you create a player you get one year and then that's it. There is no real career ,although the section of the game is labelled as Career, LOL. I would have to guess that the creators and programmers have never played or watched a tennis match so have no real sense of the game. And to force so many cheats into the game must be bad programmers too!

I would like to think that they will improve future version but this was so useless that I will never play another version or any other 2K games ever, so I will never know.

I was so excited to get this game after playing the demo but the demo didn't cheat so didn't give the real experience.

I was SOOOO disappointed in this game.

Virtua Tennis is much better . actually any other tennis game is a better , fairer game than Top Spin 3.