Would you like a tennis-game with tremedous depth and realism? Well this is still it then. Not Top Spin 4.

User Rating: 8.5 | Top Spin 3 PS3
I think the most important question to be ask oneself is if one would appreciate a realistic tennis game or not. If you do, you do well to chose Top Spin 3 and find that it is rock solid tennis game. Of course you will need to spend time to learn the game as any simulation-game would require regardless of gengre.

Top Spin 3 is not perfect in every way, career mode could have been more interesting and so on but the tennis itself is flawless and the graphics are slightly better than Top Spin 4. It has got everything on the basic checklist such as online, player creation, clothing, stars and world famous courts. Not every player and not every court, but those things are "nice to have". "Must have's" are firmly in place in Top Spin 3 and purists are graced in a way I doubt will happen again now that Top Spin 4 reaches for a wider audience through simplification of controls.