Take no.2 whittle it down slap a no.3 on it and make money.

User Rating: 1 | Top Spin 3 PS3
A real let down, reminds me of when fifa 99 turned into fifa2000.
Completely linear, dos not reward effort buy only rewarding wins with skill points, a real moral example that to try your best means nothing unless you win. (some of the games I've played were i have lost were close and sometimes more enjoyable than the ones were i thrashed an aponant, and your telling me that i deserve points for an effortless win ove an epic game were i lose. Topspin leaves you feeling why bother. at least in the earlier versions you could trane to build your self before going up against obviously supperior A'I's.
Its certainly not a game for first timers, so my advise is buy and earlier top spin or go virtual tennis which the last time i played was very entertaining with side games and good content, i just felt that the vitual tennis ranged lacked a certain quality that top spin has game play wise, though the structure of top spin is a total let down.