Big lack of variety not worth playing.

User Rating: 6.5 | Top Spin 3 WII
Gameplay 65%: I've played this game on the xbox 360 and i have to say that the graphics were impressive the gameplay was fun but long and there were a lot of unlockables to choose from. But on the wii version most of the things got taken away like instead of making your own player you can't you have to choose a pro player and start playing tournaments with pro players there are no player creator. There is no customisation for the players. You start with easy tournaments and it gets harder as you proceed it took a lot of time to beat the game and i was so happy to beat the game because the career mode was so long and boring i tought id never end. The controls in the game are not bad except it would've been better to actually use a serve motion rather than pressing buttons and swinging at the same time to serve. The career mode has been destroyed on the wii for some apparent reason thats why its not good to have a tennis game coming out for wii xbox 360 and other consoles because they dont work on the wii version that much. For example grand slam tennis only came out on the wii and look how great it is except the graphics. I am disapointed on how top spin 3 did not look so well.There are allot of tennis courts in the game but no wimbledon no Rafael Nadal,there is a lot of things missing.

Graphics 69% The grahics are great the players look so-so but could've got better details on the players technique most of the time it looks like all the players in the game have a similar serve except roddick and federer. Most of the time you will see your player have there legs open wich looks like begginers trying to get good footwork. Those are all aspects that are not well made.

Sound 45.9% The sound needs to be improved the music in the main menus are repetitive and the crowd are barerly cheering at the players it feels like your player is playing tennis in a random park because it so quiet this game needed better sound effects.

Overall 65.9 % This game missed it i couldve been a lot bette than what it is now. But its worth a rent thats what i did with the 360 version and i am proud that i havent bought it because its a waste of money i played 20 dollars for it i think that i shouldve rented it first but its still fun to play exhibition matches but after 3 hours you wont have fun playing this anymore.

Positive +
+Good camera angle

Negative -

-bad graphics
-No nadal
-No wimledon
-Repetitive music
-No player creator
-Bad looking technique from players
-Long boring career
-Big lack of variety
-Repetitive matches