top spin 3 is not a letdown if you like tennis and having fun with 2player=)

User Rating: 8 | Top Spin 3 X360
top spin 3 is not the best but not the worst either

it have top notch graphics that u can almost like say cut a beef with heh=)

all the modes are great,,but could have been executed better

same with online ,,its a blast to play,,watch the tennis ball go

or the women

but what lacks it makes up for with other things like:

good career mode,2 player,, good variety of player selcetion screen,,beautiful tennis fields,,and green green gras,,=)

2player and beer huh?=)):P,cheers

nice options and in the options menu=),,a little repatative yes,,but good,,,

commentary nice but ,,plz add a new commentary voice or something=9 hah

all in all,,game for the pro's=) and not the pros ;(

Hf gl=)

Fastest Serve:
Ivo Karlovic from Croatia hit the fastest serve ever recorded in Men?s Tennis during a Davis Cup Tie in 2011. His serve was measured at 156 mph or 251 km/h. Previously Andy Roddick from the US held the record at 155 mph or 249 km/h!

In Women's Tennis, Venus Williams holds the record for the fastest serve ever recorded at 130 mph or 209 km/h. Her sister Serena Williams comes in second with a 129 mph or 208 km/h serve!
now what can we say about tennis? :