Best tennis game

User Rating: 9.5 | Top Spin 3 X360
top spin 3 is the best tennis game i've ever played so far.

i don't understand why is everybody going around about the gameplay,they say that it's too hard. no thats not true top spin 3 is so realistic. its all about timing,if you play tennis in real life like me you'll find it easier.there are lots of kind of shots , the forehand,the backhand,the slice,the lob and the drop shot including the volleys.
also there are some powerful shots that you can find very useful in a match.but theres a risk shot witch i dont really use because most of the time you end up losing the point.
i dont understand why rafael nadal its an exclusive for the ps3.but still there are few pro players.also there are only 3 legends.
the carrer mode its not that good. in top spin 2 you could do lots of things. get sponsors,play some mini games and earn points etc

in the carrer mode for top spin 3 you start as an amateur,you play only 3 players witch they are too easy to win,as soon as you become junior things get too hard. but you'll get used to it.then you become pro.i have to say that its a bit too easy to become no.1
you earn experiance points when you win tournaments.its a shame that you cant do anything else.

the graphics are awesome,the models look amazing,also the computer its preety clever.but the atmosphere is not satisfying.but the creating mode is very good.

if you like tennis games you should check out top spin 3.