It actually takes a while to get the timing for this game. When they said SIM they really meant it!

User Rating: 9 | Top Spin 3 X360
I played Top Spin 1 on the xbox for a short time and remember enjoying it. I've been playing Top Spin 2 almost since it's release, Within the first few hours of Top Spin 2 I fell in love with it, along with many other tennis fans.

When we heard Top Spin 3 was coming out most of us made educated assumptions that the game would play and feel similar to Top Spin 2. Maybe adding doubles to the online play, adding a latency meter when connecting to ranked matches, updating the roster, greater flexibility in career mode, better visuals, removing RT exploits etc. Nope, none of that happen. In my opinion, I think they made Top Spin 3 a little too sim to appeal to everyone who enjoyed playing Top Spin 2, and that is a lot of people. Why didn't 2K Sports think to address any of the Top Spin 2 complaints or issues? Anyone? Top Spin 2 has a nice blend of arcade and sim style game play, something for everyone. The career mode wasn't too bad either. Create a custom player to your likings within a few hours and experiment with that player and if you decide you don't like your player create another, just like that. There were a few things they could have done differently and that's where we thought Top Spin 3 would come in. I think a lot of players enjoyed the arcade style game play with a hint of the simulation that Top Spin 2 gave us, after all, when the arcade part of the game out weighs the sim the game is usually more fun, but not always. In Top Spin 3 they "pretty much" removed all of the fun arcade style and replaced it with pure sim, boring, literally. Don't get me wrong, I love sim style games, you just have to know where to draw the line when it comes to your current audience. The charactors in Top Spin 3 move too slow, they feel a little herky jerky. Move them to the right or left and they take 3 or 4 steps not one like we are use to, what's that all about? It's almost like they lag in their movement as well. The controls are not as intuitive as they should be, just my opinion. I mean, who wants to relearn how to play 1 tennis game when there are 5 out there that are more fun that we can just pick up and play. How much of a learning curve should there be just to hit a ball back and Not much. Don't get me wrong, I like a little depth in my games, I just don't want to spend 2 months mastering the game all over again just to play the next one that comes out with the same control system as all the others. I'm not sure what 2K Sports was thinking when they threw this one together but, I don't think this game will appeal to as many tennis fans as 2K Sports might think. Then again, I could be wrong, we will see...

The bottom line for me, the game looks nice but, overall, I am a little disappointed in the way the game feels and how the controls feel. So if you are looking for a fun tennis game you can just pick up and play, you might want to wait for Smash Court Tennis because Top Spin 3 is not it. Too much work involved just to play a game for the fun of it.

Who knows, maybe Top Spin 3 will catch on...? What do you guys think...?

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