The most accurate reflection of tennis in a video game to date.

User Rating: 9 | Top Spin 3 PS3
For people who enjoy playing the real game of tennis, this game is the most accurate representation of the sport ever made into a video game. The timing of the shots is very deep and unlike any other previous tennis games. You will have to move your player to the best spot to return the balls and let go of the swing button to begin your swing. The physics of the game accurately reflects proper footwork and timing. The use of the right analog stick to make certain swings and serves is very cool. The timing of the serve with the right stick is particularly precise. You will have to keep your eye on the ball and swing at the best moment just like real tennis.

Once you get the basic timing and footwork down, then the game allows you get into the deeper strategies of tennis. It is great to focus on strengths and weaknesses of each player.

The is sound is just okay, and the audience applause could use much improvement.

Gameplay: 10
Sound: 7
Graphics: 9