Had nothing to do with the movie!?!

User Rating: 8 | Top Gun NES
So a trend started around the time that Top Gun came out in 1987. A trend that many companies started to follow. Video games titles after movies, but actually had nothing to do with the movie. I actually liked the Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, and Meg Ryan. And bought the video game because of the movie...and if you did the same thing then like me you were wrong.

Game-play: The overall game-play was pretty good. Once you get over the movie not playing a role the story line isn't too bad. The fact that you take on air, land, and sea based vehicles is pretty nice. Each one is kind of unique in it's own way and brings with it some different challenges.

Graphics: The aircraft looked like aircraft and the ships look like ships. There really isn't a whole lot more to say about the graphics. The aren't horrible by any stretch of the imagination...but you can tell Konami didn't spend a whole lot of time on them.

Sound: Could be a little better. Sometimes the sound is a little choppy and really doesn't anything like an aircraft or that something is blowing up.

Overall: Overall this is a good game with some replay value but not much. Once you get past the dissapointment of it having nothing to do with the movie (if that is why you bought it) then you will actually notice that is does have some very nice flight simulator qualities to it. But most people that like flight simulators don't buy them for the war fighting portions. Feeling nastolgic...give it a play.