This game sucks!

User Rating: 4 | Top Gun NES
This called Top Gun was based on a crappy movie, so why would you want to play the game? The game was pretty cheap, it only cost me a dollar. But I should have spent that money on a double cheesburger. The graphics aren't very good, the way it looks is okay, but there aren't that many colors, making the game very unappealing to the eye. Also, why can't you start the game in the air, you have to go through this annoying take off scene! When you start the game you just shoot down a bunch of planes that just die within one hit even with your machine gun. Then you come to the part where it says danger on you radar and a ship is shown up ahead on your radar also. Not knowing what to do, I shot everywhere when I finnaly figured out that you are supposed to shake the plane off of your path, why don't they tell you what to do instead of just showing the words danger. Another problem with the game is that the it detecion is terrible! Like I said, one hit will destroy anything you hit even with the machine gun. Well the only way you can hit things is if you shoot above the thing and wait for them to move up to hit your bullets. This becomes very frustrating when planes shoot there missles because one hit from a missle will kill you! The you come to the most frustrating part of the game......... LANDING THE PLANE!!! The instructions are too confusing. They tell you to move right, left, up, speed up, speed down, down, and other instructions. It is hard to tell if speed up means go fast while moving up or to go faster, and speed down, does that mean go slower or go faster while moving down? And up, not speed up, just up means to go faster! That's bs, how about a little more specific instructions. Anyways, do not buy this game, buy the double cheesburger I mentioned in the beggining. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, goodbye!