No Dog in this Fight

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I played the demo for this game and immediately went out and purchased the game. The air to air combat is FANTASTIC!!! there's only one problem.... This game is 75% (IF NOT MORE) Air to ground combat. I understand that is a part of naval warfare, but this TOP GUN. Since almost EVERY MISSION has you working against a timer (of a falling health meter ~ which is the same as a timer) You have to focus on the ground forces first. By the time you've cleared out all the ground forces your team has cleaned up most of the MiG's and you get to take down ... One .. MAYBE Two. The BEST PART OF THE GAME AIR TO AIR COMBAT and the level design takes you almost completely out of dog fight mode. Im finding it difficult to continue on in this game. I have just started the mission with the Pipeline ... and am not really feeling motivated to move on. I've taken out 30 or 40 ground forces and 3 MiGs on this level. Thats not TOP GUN to me. If anyone has any information that can improve the game for me ... PLEASE ... let me know