" Not half bad".

User Rating: 6.2 | Top Gun: Combat Zones PS2
Top Gun: Combat Zones is a war/shooter game that allows you to pilot several US sir force fighters and bombers! But it turns out to be a so/so attempt at making a good fighter game. GRAPHICS- They could have been better, but they werent that bad. The jets and fighters themselves look pretty good and look somewhat like there real life counterpart. Since 100% of the game takes place in the sky a good looking horizon adds a lot of value to this game, but sorry to say the horizon looked to foggy and gave you the feeling that you were flying down instead of straight. The cities you flew over looked very blurry and deformed. Trees were barely noticable! When you would have to fly low and stealthy missions the city wouldnt have time to load up so you would be flying over empty space which looked absolutly horrible and took away almost all of the realism. The smoke from missles and explosion was barely present but still noticeable. Top Gun could have done a lot better graphically! SOUND- A boring sountrack, badly done sound effects and chezzy explosions dominated the sound in this game. There was a soundtrack but it wasnt a very good one. The music didnt match the game and it never picked up on exciting parts. The jets themselves sounded pretty good. The engines sounded mainly the same, but they sounded real and realistic. Overall the soundtrack was chezzy and didnt match the game. And poor sound effects only added more frustration. GAMEPLAY- You choose from roughly 20 fighters which are official US air force planes which were used in real life. You fly quite a lot of missions which can be fun and exciting! Everything from bombing cities to engaging in dog fights (air to air). It was there. The planes handled relatively well. And a cool touch to the game wad that it actually showed you how many G's you were at. There was also a lengthy training program which included fireing machine guns missles and flying acrobatics. Most of the training missions were hard and frustrating. They had you blowing up ballons or going through loops to try and beat a certain time. Overall Top Gun fails in the gameplay section. It hadits highs and lows. VALUE- Nothing more than a rental. It can be exciting, but its just NOT WORTH PURCHASING! TILT- The jets felt like they were flying slower than you really were going. Which took away most of the excitement. OVERALL- If you are looking for a great military/ jet fighter game your better off buying ACE COMBAT.