A somewhat good game worth buying.

User Rating: 7.5 | Top Gun: Combat Zones GC
One day I was in a game shop and saw this game for rent. I thought I might try this, at first I didn't it to be a good game but I was surprised to find a good top gun game. The only things I didn't like was that the academy missions(I think of them as a tutorial)need to be done before you get to play an actual mission, there should have just been a tutorial option. And I don't like that if and part of the plane touches anything it blows up, but it's easy to avoid obstacles by flying at a high height. The toughest enemies so far are battleships. I usually end up taking a lot of hits from these. It's wise to take them out from a distance or you will take a bunch of hits, and they're usually 3 in a group. So the good things are good controls, good gameplay, and I find it fun. The bad thing are those battleships, I hate those things. But if you get your hands on this game, it's worth buying.