One of the worst games I have ever played. Very, Very disappointing.

User Rating: 2.4 | Top Gun: Combat Zones GC
Top-Gun Combat Zones is one of the worst games ever for the Gamecube. Let's start out with the gameplay shall we? The missions were repetitive and I didn't know why I had to shoot the building etc. The controls were not thought out very well and I was frustrated when the missions were boring. The graphics were bad even for a Gamecube game. The gun shots were phony. The mission briefer guy talked in a monotone and you could hear him during the mission which I thought was wrong. I purchased this game at COSTCO so I got it for a good value but I could not imagine spending 50 bucks on this game and living. Please do not make the mistake and buy this game. Even the unlockable planes did not make up for the bland landscapes and boring missions.