This is the best rally racing game for N64, if you like cars this game is made for you.

User Rating: 8 | Top Gear Rally 2 N64
Well when I played this game for the first time around 2000, I don't give to him the respect, years later looking a game magazine from my country (Brazil), I see this rare piece, a rally game with nice cars, nice graphics, easy curve of learning, and the most fun tuning for the cars.I think the only bad thing about this game is the tires, the game designers gived much importance to this point and it maked the game generic in some points.Some times you don't know what tires use, other point is the boring tires burst. Well the damage system is well presented in this game works fine and I think for N64 this is the only game with this atributes.If the other studios gived atentention for game like this maybe the N64 hold a concorrent for gran turismo from ps1.

Well this is it, thank you and sorry for my english .