Top Gear Rally 2 Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Code

    Enter the following code at the main menu:

    Effect Effect
    L,Z,Left,Up,Start Big Hills
    C-Up,Z,Right,Down,Right Cylinder Tires
    Top-C, Z, Start, Control Pad Up, and Control Pad Down Flip Track Upside-Down
    R button, right C button, R button, Left, Up Giant Car
    Left-C, Left-C, Control Pad left, L, and L High-Resolution Graphics
    Right C, Right C, Right, Right, Down Intoxicated AI Cars
    L button, top C button, Left, L button, L button Max Championship points In Support Van
    L button, Z button, Start button, Up, Up No Damage or Failure
    Z button, right C button, R button, Up, Right No Depth View
    C-up,Z,Right,Up,Z Shadow Racer
    Z button, left C button, L button, Up, Right Speed Warp View
    R, C-right, R, Up, Left Spinning World
    C-Right, C-Right, R, L, Up Toxic Waste Dump
    Left C button, Z button, R button, L button, Down Volcano Valley

    Contributed by: Cool mario 6446, ElementalKnight, alex cross, KasketDarkfyre 

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