Top Gear Rally (1997) Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. See the date the game was completed

    To see exactly when Boss Studios finished making Top Gear Rally, turn the game on, and at the title screen(the one that says Top Gear Rally) press all 4 C buttons at once.

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  2. Change the camera in the into demos

    In the intro demos(with the cars racing) to cycle through the camera angles simply press the C buttons clockwise. e.g. C-right, then C-down, then C-left (this will rotate through the different camera angles one by one).

    Contributed by: Pyro Vesten 

  3. Change Paint Job

    At the Decal screen, hold L, R, and Left C, Right C, or Top C. As you hold, press Up and Down to lighten and darken the paint job. The color depends on which C button your holding.

    Contributed by: FByies 

  4. Glitch: go past track limits

    Start the Jungle stage with a fast car. Go through the first or the second tunnel shortcut and go left (in reverse). Then you will reach the bridge (the normal way). Place your car under it and go to the left side. There is an elevation. Go to the top and turn back. You must be watching to the other side of the bridge (the wall). It has a part like a triangle in the left side of the bridge that you can climb on. If you reach the top, you will be at the left of the track, on the grass. There you can go until the floor ends and you fall. You can see other parts of the scenery from there.

    Contributed by: D.A.M. 

  5. Mirror Cars

    Beat the 6th year. As you select your car press C-Down to toggle between mirror & normal.

    Contributed by: Ben Zetlitz 

  6. Main Menu Code

    Effect Effect
    Select Arcade Mode and press A, Left, Left, C-Down, A, Right, Z All Cars

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  7. Main Menu Codes

    On the main menu:

    Effect Effect
    Highlight Arcade and press A, Left, Left, Right, Down, Z All Tracks
    Highlight Championship and press B, B, A, Left, Left, C-down, A, Right Play as Beach Ball
    Highlight Arcade and press Up, Up, Z, B, A, Left, Left Play as Helmet Car
    Highlight Arcade and press Down, A, Right, Z, Right, Up, C-down Play as Milk Truck

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre, Pyro Vesten 

  8. In-Game Codes

    Press these buttons once a race has begun:

    Effect Effect
    B, Left, Right, Up, Left, Z, Right Playstation Mode
    down-C, Z, B, Up, Up, and Right Rainbow Colored Track
    Down C,Up,B,Right,A,Down C,A, and Right Unlock Cupra

    Contributed by: Pegboy, ElementalKnight, Ultima Link 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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