Tooki Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Complete Celtic without a single mushroom going in the hole “Hey I’m a fun-guy to have around''
    Complete Mayan World without dying. “Machu Pi-Phew”
    Score 5,000,000 points “That will buy a lot of carrots”
    Complete Polar without falling into any ice holes Anti-Freeze
    Kill 100 Chompers Become the hunter
    Explode every goal in Puzzle 14 in Polar Blowhole
    Drop 10 pieces of fruit down ice holes Brain Freeze
    Earn 100 extra lives Breeding Like Bunnies
    Complete every fruit challenge in Luna Cosmic Cuisine
    Complete all Puzzles in Egypt Exodus... Stage Left
    Collect the free perk on Puzzle 13 in Egypt Eye of ISIS
    Explode 50 Goals Fire in the hole
    Drop 10 Clocks in the Ice holes Frozen in Time
    Complete every fruit challenge on Polar Frozen Smoothie
    Drop 15 Bombs down ice holes Gone Fishing
    Collect the Free Perk on Puzzle 19 in Polar Half Baked Alaska
    Complete every fruit challenge on Mayan Hummus Sacrifice.
    Complete every fruit challenge in Egypt I’ve got a Date
    Get hit by 10 arrows Is there a Bullseye on my back?
    Get 7 items into a goal with a single kick and blow the goal Kombo the god of boom!
    Score 7 items with a single kick Lucky Number 7
    Complete Egypt Puzzle #8 in 5 seconds using no perks. Master of Time
    Complete every fruit challenge on Celtic No Meat & Two Veg’
    Use 50 Items in a single campaign game No Such thing as a free Lunch!!
    Earn 10 gold clocks perks No Time to Lose
    Get 4 gold stars in every Puzzle Overachiever
    Complete all fruit challenges Part of your “Five a Day”
    Laser 200 Space worms Phasers set to kill
    Complete all Puzzles in Mayan Prophecy? Wot’ Prophecy?
    Use the Super Rewind perk 10 times Regrets, I’ve had a few!
    Kill a Space Worm while the controls are still reversed Revenge is Best Severed Backwards
    Change a Puzzles camera Selfie
    Find and complete the 3 bonus Puzzles on Polar Should of turned left at Albuquerque
    Complete Space without Tooki getting fried Singed Eyebrows
    Break every Thin Ice patch on Polar Skating on Thin Ice
    Complete all Puzzles in Polar Snow Plough
    Collect the gold clock on Puzzle 16 in Luna Space Time Continuum
    Earn 10 bomb perks Terminal Prepper
    Earn 2 Perks in Celtic That perk’ed me up nicely!
    Collect the free perk on Puzzle 18 in Mayan The Gods have been generous
    Score 50,000 points on the Mayan Puzzle 13 The Gods Must be Appeased
    Complete all Puzzles in Celtic The Grass is Greener
    Kill the 2 Chompers by the doorway and collect every item on Mayan Puzzle 4 The Temple of “Damn!”
    Find the 2 Bonus Puzzles in Egypt The White and Blue Nile
    Blow up 25 carrots with bombs There Goes Dinner
    Reset a world three times Third Time a Charm
    Score every item and blow the goal using no perks on Puzzle 18 in Egypt Tomb Raided
    Complete all the Puzzles in Luna We are not alone
    Travel 100 meters with the controls reversed We Found Reverse Captain
    Get the fruit challenge on Celtic Puzzle 3 Yum Tasty

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer