A very underrated game. Good game, held back by a few irksome bugs and game play issues.

User Rating: 8.5 | Too Human X360
This game got terrible reviews. And I believe they were too harsh. This game is underrated and under appreciated. And while it does have a few problems, the gameplay is overall fun. For those gamer's who love to find that next piece of loot, this is a game one that excels on that front greatly. The combat is enjoyable, if a little finicky, but far from unplayable. The story is so-so, but still interesting. The setting to the story is grand, it is a universe begging to be explored and has great room for fleshing out and further story telling. I feel as if they did make the sequels that were originally planned than those games could bring true greatness to the franchise.

Bottom line. The game does have a few problem, but overall it is a fun hack and slash game that will keep loot whores slaughtering for hours.