This is a game that takes patience, time, effort, and a somewhat liking of norse mythology. i.e. thor, buldur,etc. Read

User Rating: 9.5 | Too Human X360
Many people complain about the terrible aiming. How many games have we all played on the xbox? How many of those games have terrible aiming? A lot! Aiming is not the only factor in a game. The story is great, the melee in this game is fun, powers are fun to use, and the game is more than challenging enough for hardcore gamers. The graphics on this game are awesome especially for the time it was released. I would say graphics rival mass effect 1. The bosses are incredibly hard. Play mass effect 2 on insanity and then play this. It is ten times more difficult, but it is still fun. More of a hack and slash in my opinion. If you can force yourself through the first few levels you will have fun. Also keep in mind that if you can save ruiners do so. You will run into hairy situations repeatedly and you will wish you saved them.