Poor targeting controls and the game not reaching its stride until the end keep Too Human from reaching its potential.

User Rating: 7 | Too Human X360
The title and cover art leave you confused as to what this game is about and what sort of experience you are in for. I did not find out about the game until I was browsing through games on xbox live and decided to give the demo a try hoping to find something decent in today's sea of mainstreamed crap that I personally find hardly worth playing. The demo decently surprised me so I cruised on down to my local Gamestop and picked it up for nice 7 bucks.

It was 7 bucks well spent in my opinion at least I felt a lot better about it than some of the $60 purchases I have made recently. In Too Human you play as Bauldar who from what I can gather is a lesser god in the Norse pantheon of gods. This may be one of the weaker points of the game because while Norse mythology is really cool you don't get much of it and well Bauldar is a weak character who never seems to fit. This is especially incongruent with the customization Too Human seems to strive for. You feel that it would have been better to just let you create your own character entirely since they never really make Bauldar that endearing or even that significant.

When you start the game off you are able to chose from several classes for Bauldar. Your choice is permanent but there are a limited amount of different paths you can chose with in a class and you are able to re-assign skill points for a price. The classes you have an option of choosing from are the Berserker a dual-wield melee oriented class, the Defender a hammer and shield high defense and high health tanking class, The Champion a jack of all trades sort good with air combat and pistols, The Commando is the range class best with rifles and explosives, the BioEngineer the healing class that can also tank but limited offensive capability unless in the right hands. To a newbie all the classes would seem quite imbalanced with some being easier to use at first. But talking to a seasoned veteran of the game or doing a little faq checking can reveal powerful aspects of classes previously thought impotent. Each class has three paths you can take each one strengthening a particular aspect about the class. For example the Champion class has a path that focuses on pistol use while the other two focus on air combat and sword play. The paths have check points that pretty well lock you into that path by locking out the parallel option in the other 2 paths. Those being spider skills and battle cries. You have a robotic spider that you can deploy that then does something beneficial for you. From healing, laying mines, and even fighting as a turret for set duration of time. Battle Cries are powerful passive buffs you can activate using combo points in addition to ruiners. Ruiners are powerful attacks you can unleash also using combo points that work rather effectively and clearing crowds.

Eventually you will be able to pick what the game calls an Alignment. Either Cyborg or Human which you can then place points in as well. Cyborg mostly focuses on more damage while Human tends to focus on speed and combo point generation.

Too Human's gameplay revolves around sending large amounts of enemies at you while you try and dish out as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. The gameplay is fast paced and melee can be especially frantic and chaotic. But the controls and targeting present one of the games most glaring flaws. Using the right stick to attack is not all that bad for melee combat but throw in a sticky/lock-on targeting system and it can make using ranged weapons a frustrating experience. This is magnified when there are lots of trash enemies with higher priority targets mingled in with them. You often find yourself unable to target what you want in times when it is necessary for success especially in the hidden arena areas where you only get one shot at the reward and you die from something frustrating like not being able to target the most dangerous enemy on the screen and then get locked out of the arena upon death. That being said there are a few tricks that if your patient and willing to learn alleviate this somewhat and lets you find a game that is really fun to play. Especially if you take advantage of the games online co-op option.

Like I alluded to earlier the story in Too Human is on the poor side with mediocre voice acting and also a feeling that things just start to happen and get going and then the game ends. Boss fights leave something to be desired that while some of them are cool looking the mechanics of the fight are rather plain. The game does offer a second play through option that rearranges some of the encounters with new enemies and higher difficulty to alleviate some of the shortness of the game.

In Too Human you can collect a lot of items, equipment and weapons. For some this can be the highlight of these type of games. The enjoyment you get when you find a new shiny weapon is great. Unfortunately Too Human's pacing for this can be frustrating while you can spend forever waiting for a weapon to drop, armor seems to drop at an almost frantic rate causing you to always comb through your inventory to equip upgrades. This is especially frustrating with the fact that Too Human included an option to customize your armor through "color runes" but you seem to replace it so often that taking your time to color all your armor seems pointless. You can further customize your armor and weapons with runes that apply bonuses like increased damage, more ammo, faster fire rate etc.

All in all Too Human is a pretty decent game that while it falls short in some areas that keep it from being great I still recommend it to the action RPG fan you likes collecting loot and enjoys gameplay over hardcore RPG elements. Especially if you can find it in a bargain bin like I did. Well worth a few bucks that way.