So much potential; but with a design flaw thats impossible to overlook

User Rating: 7 | Too Human X360
I love action/rpg games, and this one has everything that you would look for when you're in the mood to play one. It has a great story with recognizable characters from Norse mythology, a simple but satisfying gear system with thousands of items that drop very frequently, a skill tree thats easy to navigate and rather customizable, and several classes that provide you with the standard ranged attacker, physical attacker, healer, and tank.

BUT, the combat is awful. I really don't understand how the developers rationalized using this system. It's horrible and the melee attacks of this game, which is obviously an important part, are simply unfun. Instead of using a button to attack (like every other action game ever) you tilt the right analog stick in a particular direction and your character stops moving and starts swinging in that direction until you release the analog stick. Now this might not sound too bad, but it is. It makes your character akin to a tree, unmoving and just swinging his weapon every second or so for 95% of the combat in this game. One up side is that the ranged attacks work much better, and I found them to be quite good, except you can't change targets. Now this might not seem like a problem either, but when you have 10+ targets running at you and one or two are the type that explode when they reach you, it is a problem that you can't choose to target them with ease.

But I did enjoy the game and truly hope they make the sequel they were planning. The story is refreshing and quite accurate to Norse mythology, but with a futuristic twist. The equipment system is great with lots of drops, crafting and enchanting via runes. So if you like action/rpgs its certainly worth the price of admission, considering its now cheaper then a movie ticket.

And in case you were wondering, I would have given it an 8.5 if it had a combat system similar to Champions of Norrath or one of the many other action/rpg out there.

thanks for reading