Excellent game of its GENRE

User Rating: 8 | Too Human X360
Let me say that I too like many use metacritic and gamerrankings.com as a guide when I am looking for a new game. For the most part I agree with the reviews and average scores. This game however is a bit of conundrum in that 'professional reviewers' gave it bad scores and most 'regular gamers' have given it great scores. I usually do not write reviews, but this one time this game is getting an unfair reviews.

To start of with when reviewing games one has to review games and compare them to compeating games or games within its genre. One cannot compare this game to Halo 3, Gears or Wars, CoD, 4, etc and then compain that the game 'sucks'. The best game to compare to is the gold standard for this genre and that would be Diablo 2. If you loved diablo 2 (or World of Warcraft) then you know what type of game you are getting yourself into. It is a game where you mindlessly kill 1000's upon 1000's of bad guys, mindlessly loot, mindlessly treasure hunt, and cointinue to try and achive perfection for your character (Collect all pieces of 'elite gear', complete elite charms, etc). And then after that start all over again with another character type. The whole concept of skill trees, modifiers, resistances, etc play significant role. If you never liked Diablo or World of Warcraft (or any other similar games) then you are not going to like this game. Don't even bother trying to play the game because you will never understand the 'concept' of the game. If you do like this genre, then read on.

The game mechanics are 'different'. We (as gamers on consoles) are so used to FPS controls than anything different automatically becomes bad. Its like PC gamers claiming that the only way to play shooters is with KB/mouse. It is not the only way, it is that individuals preference. Similarly, there is a learning curve (but it really is not that bad), and instead of mindlessly (I like using that word) button mashing 'A' or 'B' like many games have, this game you use the R stick instead. After playing for hours, I really like this setup and I think in the long run lessens the 'strain' on your hand because of this. The learning curve is not bad, but one has to have an open mind to trying the different setup, and if you do not have the ability to adapt, then the game mechanics can become a little difficult.

1. Graphics are pretty good, I play on a 130" projector and even at that size I am happy. They are not the best on the console, but they are far from the worst. They are better than launch game graphics.

2. Sound is great, especially playing in a home theater setup

3. Action is non stop, and extremely fun. Even better when playing co-op. Compared to games in its genre, the mx of enemies, the difficulties etc are great.

4. Monsters level as you do. Some people like this (Oblivion does this) but some people want to feel like gods when they reach level 50 (this will not happen). The main advantage is that rather than being confined to a tiny area for looting and treasure hunting for high level items, the entire game is available to treasure hunt because all monsters will be max level as well. This is a good thing.

5. Camera issues. Again it is differnet. There are 6-7 different camera angles too choose from. Like the controller setup, it is different and thus you have to adapt, and truthfully, it makes sense after playing for hours. Just like the controller issue, it is 'difficult' if one plays for a couple of hours and then passes judgement (like the professional reviewers), but after playing dozens of hours, the camera makes sense. Think about it, Silicon Knights probably spent thousands of hours making this game, and felt that this was the best options, and I tend to agree. The flow-panning-handling is very smooth, and I like the way it is setup.

6. 2 player Co-op. I know many of us really want 4 player co-op and apparently it is in the code to do so. The option was removed because it apparently made the game unbalanced. I have no doubt that either in a patch or more likely in Too Human 2 it will be available. That being siad, 2 player coop is even more fun than playig solo. The monsters are also much harder and more challenging.

7. Cutscenes could have been better quality

8. The story is complex and makes no sense to begin with. However the story makes much more sense at the end of the game as everything falls into place, and leaves you wanting more (thus Too Human 2 and 3).

There is so much more positive things to say (inventory management, the menu system (maybe a little 'dumbed down' but again a good thing for a console, etc). Comparing games in its genre I give it a solid 8.5/10. It could be a little more polished (thus not a 9), but the game is just so much fun and addicting.