Unbalanced, yet still entertaining

User Rating: 7 | Too Human X360
I've been waiting for this game for a while. Patiently. I figured if Silicon Knights was spending all that extra time, there was a reason. Now that I've played for a minute or two or six-hundred, I think perhaps they should have delayed it...again. There aren't any obvious "glitches," but the flip between absurdly easy and impossibly difficult is frustrating, the total lack of explanation of the bonuses conferred (what the hell is "soothing"?) drive me nuts, and the aiming system? Don't get me started, ESPECIALLY on the pistols

That said, the slide-n-slash-n-shoot-with-cybernetics does bring up my nostalgia for Deus Ex (the original for PC), which I loved, the control/gameplay isn't so bad as to be "broken," just not even close to being "polished"... and the overall concept is still good. Oh well. At least I'll have Colonial Marines for Christmas.