If they ever patch 4 player co-op back in this becomes a solid 9.

User Rating: 8 | Too Human X360
The game is gorgeous, and fun. The cinematic presentation is right up there with titles like Mass Effect if not better. The action is fast paced, difficult at times, and constantly rewarding. The parts of the game that take you out of the action aren't fun, they aren't terrible but the action is good enough to really be missed when it's time to treasure hunt. The reviewer on this one is just dead wrong. In the video he's complaining about how "lifeless" the city is as he walks down a hallway and gattling gun turrets wake up and track his movement as he passes. The game's full of that kind of detail and this reviewers blind ignorance of it is a discredit to the site. This game would be a 9 if the co-op wasn't limited to 2 players (you can't have a holy trinity with 2 people!), hopefully that can be resolved by a patch.