Sometimes so-called "professional reviewers" get it wrong...this is one of those times.

User Rating: 9.5 | Too Human X360
This game is what it claims to be: An Action-RPG. If you bring bias into the game, it's your own fault for not enjoying it. Action RPGs are almost always about heavy combat and generous loot. This game does not disappoint in any way. I will break the major points down into sections to explain why this game wins on just about every aspect, and why the "official" review here is just plain wrong and quite frankly...amateur.

Graphics: Excellent. From weapon particle effects to minute details on creatures and characters this game is top notch. The enviroments feel real and will engross and draw you in quickly. In my opinion it's more visually appealing than Mass Effect. You can tell effort and skill went into the level, weapon, armor, and creature design. 10 for my final score here.

Sound: This to me was the only minor drawback. The combat sounds are adequate and sometimes quite heartpounding especially if you are playing with surround and a good subwoofer, you can feel the hammer strikes. But..the soundtrack was a tiny bit vapid for my tastes and sometimes the fade out from battle seemed a bit disjointed with the recent action. Voice overs are perfect and very professional so no complaints there. Overall sound gets a 7.5 from me

Combat: Rockin'. That sums it up nicely. If you are looking for a fire and forget no brainer skill use like WoW then you should pass on this game. You are given very little info on how combos work and what they are and THATS A GREAT THING FOLKS!! The game doesn't hold your hand like a little baby and explain every combo for you. The fun is in finding them on your own and there are many and they are awesome to pull off. The learning curve isn't bad and if you spend an hour or more with the game you will find your own combos and master then pretty quickly. But don't stop there, because you will keep finding new ones. Don't forget to take the fight to the air, that's where some of the most spectacular moves originate (and some creatures are more suceptible to air attacks)*gasp you mean I have to plan my attacks?!! Yes..leroy...yes you do. Combat 9.5

Controls: It's no secret that this game has broken the standard mold for button and attack assignments and this is probably why many neigh-sayers choose to badmouth it after 10 minutes of play, because many games have become so ingrained with "left stick=move right stick=look A=kill" that they can't get past the new system. Try works, and it works well. It's actually refreshing to have something new besides the same old stale controller formula we've been beating around for 10 years. The hud can be a tiny bit confusing until you take about 30 seconds to actually look at it and understand the layout. Once you do, it's actually very easy to use. Equipment and Skill trees are very straightforward and you will have them down in no time. Overall I give the control/hud/equip menus a 9.0 for not being afraid to try something new, and giving us a layout that actually works very well for the game it's used in.

Creatures: Very good. The biggest issue here is that if you play the game like a FPS you will fail on an epic scale. It's not a point and shoot only game. Some creatures require you to think a bit and target certain areas or their body or aspects of their attacks to counter and destroy them. Did you know you can disarm some of the tougher boss mobs with a well placed strike? If you didn' means you're playing it wrong. Getting slaughtered by a big meanie with a nasty AoE attack? Take away his arm/weapon and the fight gets a lot easier. Graphically the creatures are excellent..if not sometimes a little too much like some of the Mass Effect genre, but still original nonetheless. Overall, 8.5 here.

Items/Loot: God I love a good loot hunt game. This game does not disappoint at all. There are so many customization options and weapon choices that you could play 50 times over and never come out the same on any two characters. You know how in WoW everyone with the best loot always looks the same? Well.. NOT HERE FOLKS. They did an awesome job on the graphics, stats, and bonuses these items confer. If you mind your equipment screen well, you will be smiling from ear to ear in no time as your character becomes William "Billy" Badass in the loot department.

Overall/Final Thoughts: This is a keeper and a buyer, but only if you like games based around loot hunt and dungeon crawls with tactics. If you are looking for some kind of FPS, or Lara Croft hop skip and jump adventure you are in the wrong place. If you are looking for a game with bone jarring effects, huge overkill combos, and sweet sweet loot then step on in this one will not fail you at all. 10.0 for delivering the action RPG goods.

Caveat: I'm normally quite critical of gamespot reviews for PC games as I have always felt they tend to get it wrong on many PC games because they are a pro-console website, but I have to voice my dissapointment with the main review here. I'm not sure what the reviewer was looking for in the game, or in fact if he/she gave it more than a 30 minute shakedown, but it's obvious that 5.5 is just not even in the ballpark on this one. Shame on you Gamespot, you've really missed the boat on this one.