Nice effort but it's just not right

User Rating: 4 | Too Human X360
I expected a lot from this game. How could you not? The basic idea rolling around with a dev for 10+ years and finally it's realized. You'd think they'd been able to stream line it a bit more and deliver a solid game with perfected mechanics rather than focusing on the cut scenes.

But that basically what we've got here. VERY disjointed gameplay constantly interupted by mid produced cut scenes and overly long rez sequences. The game just does not flow.

Perhaps the devs were thinking "Hey! We're making a trilogy so the first game can be decent... we'll make the following two chapters more polished." Sorry SK! The first chapter needs to be the bait with the hook and unfortunatley, you didn't pack the right stuff to reel me in.

I SERIOUSLY doubt we'll see a second chapter to this game given the internal problems at SK and the fact that this game is basically a dream in development that was hastened together under rush conditions to produce a shadow of it's potential.

Disjointed and sub par. The devs would have invested time well had they played a week of Phantasy Star Online and at least modeled it after that. 2 player co-op??!!?? WFT is that all about in this day? No split screen co-op??!!?? WTF is that all about??!!??

Nice try SK but this is a rental at best