Give it a try. While the game has its flaws it really is a fun action RPG.

User Rating: 8 | Too Human X360
After playing the demo I nearly counted myself out of buying the game. It was only after a dry run of downloadable demos that I found myself playing it again, then again, then again.

I ended up doing a pre-order and after picking up the full version I found myself enjoying it more and more.

Its not as polished as it should be, its not as deep as it could have been, but I do enjoy it none the less.

I consider myself a little picky in the games that I do play, but would say this lived up to the hype better than a game like Lost Planet did, though I did enjoy aspects of that game as well.

I feel like this will be a game that you either enjoy or hate, but I think that if given the chance to improve and grow the game over the rest of the trilogy it will become a really great set of games.

Take it or leave it, I'm not trying to change minds, just give my two cents.

Just as a benchmark for myself, I loved:
Titan Quest(PC I know), Fable(even though in my mind it didn't live up to the awesomeness I had dreamed it would be), Bioshock, MGS4(I know its PS3... and minus some of the TOO long cut scenes), Halo 3(not as stellar as I had hoped but a lot of fun), Ultimate Alliance, Dead Rising(where's the sequel?).

Just a few games that I really like to give a sense of where I come from.