Great Game, Critics are nuts..different doesn't mean bad.

User Rating: 9 | Too Human X360
If you like Diablo 2 style gaming you will probably like this. Camera takes a little getting used to for some people (not me I aclamated quickly) controls too. I think this is the most under rated game of the year.

This game has great cut scenes, a good story line (based on norse mythology), so if you happen to enjoy norse mythology I believe they do the story line justice in this game. They also add a tech appeal with cybernetis and guns/sword hybrid action which makes for very dynamic game play.

The only real problem with this game is the fact that the coop is limited to 2 people. However I am hoping that they will patch the game to allow more people to enjoy it together.

This game is ambitious and has had a long torrid history, however I think the aforementioned history may have skewed some of the reviewers opinions. I can't believe this game recieved multiple poor reviews. It is easy to say a game as ambitious as this tries to do too much and fails at each genery it tries to combine, however it just takes getting used to b/c it is different.