Terrible game..don't waste your time on this one.

User Rating: 3 | Too Human X360
The very first thing you will notice about this game is how terrible the movement frames are. There are very few and make for a non-fluid character movement. The next thing you will notice is the terrible button layout. Right analog stick to swing your sword? LOL ok.

If you get beyond those two things then I give you props. However, anyone with some common sense will stop right there and break this game in half.

The terrible controls will have you frustrated all game long. You will constantly be thinking to yourself, "Why didn't they just assign that action to such and such button?"

The storyline is not engrossing at all. You won't find yourself turning on the game just to see what's going to happen next.

The character variety is terrible. There is nothing fun about any of the different character classes.

Stay away from this game at all costs. I'd even consider recommending that you save yourself the $4 rental fee on this one.