This game is awesome. Once again, most of the media has got it wrong. Well, except Gamepro, they got it correct.

User Rating: 10 | Too Human X360
What happened Gamespot, did Silicon Knights or MS Studios not throw enough advertising coin your way? Seriously, a 5.5 out of 10? Look, maybe this wasn't your type of game. But to give it such an average score means you missed something. Did you play the game? Another of your complaints is the story length. 10 hours is a sizable investment. You game critics always complain of a lack of game play variation and then you turn around and slam a game for being too short. So are you suggesting that game developers add repetitive levels just to increase the game play time? Make up your mind.

The story is cool. The upgrades are cool. The combat (once you get use to it) is really cool. The only drawback is the camera, but I am getting use to it. The game provides a challenge from the beginning. For example, the second boss battle hones your ranged weapon skills. Other bosses, as expected, hone other skills and challenge you to find their weakness. I highly recommend this game.