It's a good game, but not SHOULD be better for 10 years of development.

User Rating: 7 | Too Human X360
Too Human isn't a bad game, but in my opinion it should be a lot better for being in development for 10 years. One thing I really do enjoy about the game are the visuals, some of the scenes look extremely beautiful. I like the time spent on the visuals of the weapon and armor models, I felt they did a good job with that.

The bads of this game are it seems like it has an extremely weak story until towards the end. It really helps to know our norse mythology in this game which I think isn't up to the gamer to HAVE to know norse mythology. Combat is definitely broken in some way...I think having to use the right stick for melee combat ISN'T the way to go. Dashing doesn't seem right's more like sliding. It's like a bad version of Devil May Cry in the future.

Overall it's not a bad game, but I think it should definitely better.