this game is alright but could be better

User Rating: 7.5 | Too Human X360
I'll start off by saying this game to me wasnt a complete fail but it could have been way better.
I'd say one of the main issues was the sword combat
everything was kinda hard to get into because of bad movement like when baldur dashes he kind of just slides and it makes the game look real bad. and all the attacks are very repetitive and can be boring some of the side tools like the spider and battle cry are pretty neat and help alot but usually its easiest to just blast your enemies down from far away with the guns. as for the norse mythology its kind of neat but if you dropped out of school before that history lesson the story will be confusing. the gear is also very nice because there is so much different gear and you always have different weapon and armour choices. I was expecting alot better from this game but I think if they were to make a sequel as long as they spent less time making gear and more time making the key elements of the game It could be a really great game.