A lot more action than RPG

User Rating: 6 | Too Human X360
For the most part, I agree with the Gamespot write up. My first play through with the commando class really highlighted some of the short-comings of ranged combat. Enemies close the gap quickly, and the vast spaces that the site review took issue with were essential -- in my experience, anyway -- for kiting and evading the hordes of minions that would swarm me level to level.

However, criticism about your home base being too big is spot on, and not just because it is large, but because there is so little of interest there. Occasionally you'll run across an NPC conversation, but they are of little consequences aside from a morsel of background.

A shortcoming that I hope Silicon Knights decides to patch is the lack of healing elements. I'm not suggesting portable potions or medpacks -- just the ability to regenerate out of combat. Zerging groups of mobs because of lacking of healing saps the fun out of what otherwise is pretty enjoyable combat.

I didn't have as big a problem with the pace of the game. Since enemies drop out of no where, and you're never quite sure when it will happen, I enjoyed some of the suspense wile deliberately exploring each level and then dealing with the inevitable ambush.

I'd also like to note that I think the chase camera on this game is off, even with the ability to recenter it with a command. There are bosses where you are dodging and rolling and jumping, and I think you'll find that in the frenetic effort to evade, the camera will be your most frustrating adversary.